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Zombie Attack Photos | Night Of The Living Dead - [...] is Amanda Rynda and she is from California. There are some more photos from this incident on her blog including the moment just before they dispatch this zombie back to hell with the sharp end of a [...]

An unusual engagement | Panfilocastaldi - [...] and humour. Our particular favourite (not shown in this abridged version – see the full story here) is the photo of Lee gallantly pushing his newly-minted fiancee out of the way of the charging [...]

When Zombies Attack, Will YOU Be Ready? | Heather’s Glen Wedding Blog - [...] out the same pose, different couple week after week.  This couple, along with their photographer, Amanda Rynda, got super creative.  Starts out typical, ends up [...]

A Workshop and Some Zombies | And Then We Saved - [...] – Speaking of zombies you have to see this [...]

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