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Zombie Engagement Photos

When Juliana & Ben got engaged, Juliana emailed me about shooting their engagement session. She wrote, ”We want to survive a zombie attack and then hug because we’re in love!” They wanted to put their personalities into it, and do something a little quirky. Quirky is right up my alley so I knew we’d have a great time pulling this idea together. Thanks to Juliana & Ben for being so amazingly cool and allowing me to run with their idea.

Before I had a chance to post these photos online myself, they somehow crept out into the world. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to post them the way I had originally envisioned.

Emily - Awesome awesome awesome! My boyfriend found these online somewhere and as a photographer, I had to seek your site out. I especially love what you did with the coloring on these, changing during the attack, and then back after. Amazing concept, amazing execution. :)

Alycia - I LOVED these! I hope you don’t mind, but I was wanting to share them on my blog over at I will be giving you the credit and everything :)

Juliana - So glad we got to do this together! <3
I love the layout especially since it shows off more of the pictures.

Mary-Beth - Amazing work!

Marianne Wilson - Super cool Amanda! They had such a cute idea and you pulled it off beautifully! Love.

William Vo - I came across this engagement shoot through the magic of the internet. I too am a photographer and when I saw the engagement shoot, I liked your editing and composition. Then I saw the zombie, that sealed the deal and I fell in love. Fantastic job with the photos being able to tell a story that is just full of win. You’ve captured a new fan. Keep it up =]

Bryan K - Hi, I came across these photos and I had to write about them on one of my blogs. I think they are great. I link back to your site (twice) and give positive credit to you and your studio. Please let me know if this is not ok.

Link to post:

Lisa - More fun than I know how to shake a stick at. Now all I need is to find a guy, survive a zombie attack and get hitched in the process. Then I know who the first person I will call to memorialize the experience will be. Seriously, beautiful pics all around.

Lainey - These are spectacular. I can’t get all of the pages to load, so I’m hoping your site doesn’t get overloaded. I hope that I can get something this awesome if I ever get married.

Jeremy Werst - I’d love to look at your photos but it’s taken at least 10 minutes on a very fast connection to download your images, and it’s still just to the point that they notice the first zombie. Could you please resample the image to internet resolution of 72dpi?

Lesli Peterson - Found this via MWDAS… awesome…I want to be best friends with Juliana and Ben just for having this idea…not complaining, but just saying, the picture is huge and i guarantee this is going viral. You might consider breaking up the pictures so they load better or your whole site may come down soon! These rock.

Raquita - SLOW CLAP…

SO friggin AWESOME.

bonita - ~ * ♥ * ~

I saw these pictures earlier this week and I am glad I found my way onto your website to see the original concept and editing! You’ve done an amazing job; these photos are fantastic. : D

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

laura - These are insanely adorable!!! Ahhhh!!

Jim - Never thought of bringing [what appears to be] a combat knife and a shovel to a picnic before….

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gary - best shots thus far

Marisa - This is absolutely fantastic!! Such gorgeous photos and such a fun idea!

Jennifer - I love these. What a fantastic and original idea!

Renee - I wouldn’t worry much about the leaking before perfecting a layout, the pictures are awesome. Congrats to the beautiful and happy couple and congrats to you on your continued success. These pics are gonna spread faster than any zombie outbreak ever could!

Jocelyn - These photos are awesome and the couple is so very cute together! I saw you on Regretsy as the Way to Take engagement photos.

Amandalynn - Brilliant! Great idea, excellently done, what a fun thing to be a part of!

Annette Garcia - The best engagement shoot I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to coordinate their wedding!

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Kelli - The best engagement shoot ever.
Ever, I say.

Bill - Fabulous concept and execution. This is a lovely (and funny) set of images that I’m sure will be enjoyed for many years to come. Although themed, it really exagerates their romance in a way that a traditional couple portrait could never do.

Miss Lynx - These are absolutely brilliant! I love the idea of doing something genuinely unique and creative with engagement photos. I saw them on Regretsy (don’t worry, the comments were mostly really positive), where they didn’t give away what the theme was in the title, so it was really a surprise when I got to the zombie part!

Kristyq - So freaking awesome, it’s not even funny. Oh wait – yes it is. Love it!

Lunasea - I think you guys have started a new trend. I just wish I’d thought of it before I got married.

Ginger*Murray - This is wonderful… it’s being passed around by photogs, as it SHOULD! Hilarious, and of course awesome pics:)

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Julia Noack - You. Are. AWESOME SAUCE. Seriously amazing. I’m a photographer myself and I follow a good number of blogs and other photogs work, and this post had me CRACKING UP…. love it!!!!

kim@parisian party - I LOVE this! So, so funny- I wish I was invited to Juliana and Ben’s wedding- I’m sure it will be a blast! Great work!

not a fan - These are stupid

Kiley - Brilliant work and execution (ahem).

Emma - Loved these! I wanted to actually repost about it on my blog, but chose to wait until you went public with them. I will do it later this week and link back here. Have a great day!

cynthia - I laughed, I cried. Fabulous job.

Laura Pennace - These are amazing!!!! What an amazing idea and how awesome that these have been seen by just about everybody in the country :) You should definitely submit them to one of the popular wedding blogs and get the credit you deserve!!

The Kitchen Magpie - These are amazing!! Makes me want to get engaged all over again. What a great job you did, seriously, I sent the link to everyone I know, zombie lovers included.

Jimmy Rudolph - Looks like the only thing not dying in this marriage is your love for one another. Reminds me of many a late night during my college days, Of course, I just threw the shovel at the hideous creature and ran, crying like a baby. I wonder what ever happened to Susie? And Beth? And Marilyn? And Josie? And Janet? Well, I’m sure they’re fine.
Zombie Radio Show

Sarah - Best. idea. ever.

Mondo Scott - wow. so great.

Christina - I found them through this website …they didn’t credit you which drove me nuts. I did a google search of “zombie engagement photos” I was able to find your name through this link that came up …I’ve shared them with credit to you on my business facebook page. Love it!

Kami - I love this whole concept, it’s so brilliant! You must be some of the coolest people ever! And zombies aside, you’re an adorable couple and the photos are beautiful. :)

Gia - What a creative engagement shoot! You did an amazing job!

Thom - These are…wow! I’m so envious that mine didn’t look like these!

pez - add me to the chorus of fans! i think it is terrific that you added these to your site as they help your clients see that their day, through your lens, can be (and should be) as individual as they are. you truly serve your clients – taking their idea and making it all the better through your craft and attention to detail.

David Lunt - This is the most creative engagement session I have ever seen! It truly made my day!! Like some of the others here, I shared some of the photos and a link to your blog on my own blog here:

ann miller - Hi, I would love to post this link on a Facebook page I manage,!/pages/Madonna-Estate-Mont-St-John-Cellars/63435460069

and or my blog

I would use the caption/heading: Another use for a wine bottle – fighting zombies!

Let me know if that would be OK with you. I will include Amanda Rynda Photography as a credit and anything else you might like me to include. Thank you. Great work!

Katie K - Absolutely amazing. These pictures are not only awesome, they really make me want to know this couple. Now I wanna get engaged just so I can have you take the pictures.

Greg - OMG, that’s just fantastic. What lovely work.

Andrew Welsh - I saw this linked through Jen’s facebook page (your sister in law, a link to the LA TV news report) and definitely liked the concept. Great execution and congratulations on your burgeoning internet fame. What great fun!


Patrick Kelly - Outstanding! Bravo! And a big congratulations to Juliana and Ben. Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully creative and fun set of photos. Well done!

Olivia Chenier - thats pretty awesome when theres a zombie apocolysis i want u two on MY side! :D

Krista Photography - the shoot is super fun! I’m glad to see you finally getting credit for your work (I’m shocked at how many sites didn’t credit you!!)

Celeste Peters - Wow! Now THIS is the kind of photo shoot I’m talking about! SO awesome! My boys are huge zombie fans and they are loving these, too. Thanks for the best photo shoot idea I’ve ever seen.

wizardjks - This is so friggin kewl

Marci - These are AWESOME! I love the idea and the pictures are beautiful!

Steph - So unique! Great work- thanks for sharing.

Steph - So unique! Great- Thanks for sharing.

Steph - So unique! Thanks for sharing.

Karsun - These. Are. Epic.

Erik B. - Words cannot fully express how wonderful this is. Great idea and fantastic execution!

Joan Solitario - SO AWESOMELY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to share it on my FB!! :) Totally UNIQUE!

Stefan - Hey, what a great idea. I love this. Especially this “Godzilla!!!” faces…. ;-)

MelissaU - I absolutely love your creativity and the concept you put together here. Awesome! As such, I hope it’s ok that I shared it with others via my blog. Here’s the link:

Kudos to you!!

patrick hadley - LOVE this. My favorite panel is the very last, the victory panel.

Miguel - This is so unbelievably brilliant. I wish I’d thought of this myself! Also please ignore that douchebag up there asking you to reload your photo’s at a different size. The photo’s load perfectly. I am in awe of the brilliance!!

~ m

Jason - These folks (photographer included) are the coolest people ever to get married. REally enjoyed this.

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Amanda Hill - Definately a new trend for sure. Nice job on these.and cute couple. Check it out all wedding photographers! :)

Melly Lee - this is BOMB!

Warwick Mihaly - I love this shoot – its nostalgic feel, humour, story-telling and above all, its zombie content. We posted an article about your work on our blog.

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Alison - GENIUS! Too damn funny, I love it!

linda - weird is all I can say.
guess I’m the only one who thinks this is all wrong……..

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Kathy - My daughter participates in Zombie walks…she would love this! Great job!

Kelly - VERY yes! The photos are beautiful (if you can say that about photos of a zombie attack)

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Andy Waldrop - Wow, this really awesome. Killer job (pun intended), ;)

AC - More zombie shoots please :)
This. Is. Brilliant.

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coingarl - Great idea, and I love the colors. These were really inspiring, thank you!

Tanya - These are great! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie - These are amazing!!!!!! What a fun idea. Great photos!

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kushibo - This was wonderful! I put it up on my blog (When nerd attack or some dumb title).

Juliana and Ben are quite the clever and adventurous couple, and you are a talented photographer for pulling this off as well as you did.

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ang - the BEST! did they chuck the flowers at the zombie? i think i’ll bring a shovel the next time i go on a picnic.

Lorna - Zombies freak me out but I must say I loved the concept!!! You make a lovely couple and I wish you all the best.

Sharmil Elliott - Simply Fantastic!!!

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Jeanette - Aside from the last panel, my very favorite detail is the (most awesome) couple, standing over the now-dead zombie, weilding their weapons and WINE GLASSES again. hahaha! Such a perfect and hilarious detail! SO fantastic!

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Briar Carwell - There are three things I love in life….
great photography, weddings, and zombies.

My fiance found these on some iPhone app he has and immediately showed me.

These are AMAZING. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first! Great work!

There are two things I love in life….
weddings and zombies.

30-Something Bride - Brilliant. My husband will be so sad we didn’t think of this.

Videotutoriales de Photoshop - Hey! Kudos for crafting such an enlightening blog post. Basically you might have brought up those subjects vice versa. And yet you provided it a great particular twist. Looking foward to going to your site with greater regularity.

Mandy Crawford - I was just looking for this info for a while. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. I wonder what’s the Google’s problem that does not rank this kind of informative web sites closer to the top. Usually the top sites are full of garbage.

IonOtter - Urrrgghhh….Mmmmmaaaaaazzzellltoooovvvvv…*glargh*

Karen Byker - LOVE these! TOO funny!

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Ashley Sisk - That is incredibly creative! Job well done.

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Ruby - These are so fantastic. I want to do photos like these with my husband, just for fun :]
Thanks for sharing

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Oliver - Brilliant, quirky, fun. Nice Work.

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Emily Morgalis - Wow. These are awesome!!! Love the concept and the execution. Great job!!! I smile every time I look at them.

Jessica Layburn - I love this!!! :)

RoninTexas - FANTASTIC! .. Can I have anniversary photos with the same theme!? LOVE IT!

dawn - oh my goodness…!!! so creative + clever! sometimes engagement photos are so staged (this too obviously), but this…i can get behind :)

Miss B. - So cinematic, hilarious and lovely all rolled up into one ball of creativity.

Mandy - Absolutely incredible.

angela - Hi! I wanted you to know that I think these photos are amazing. I liked them so much I did a bit of fanart. I hope you don’t mind. And I linked back to your photo page!
Great work!

Videotutoriales de Photoshop - Hello! Thanks for crafting this sort of an insightful blog post. Actually you might have mentioned those subjects the opposite way round. Yet you brought it a fine particular spin. Looking foward to checking out your blog more regularly.

Jared John Smith - Great photos. I am linking this on facebook. what a fun creative idea.

Lindsay Wakelin - Insanely brilliant and no doubt has made you very famous. Well done for doing something out of the box.

Lindsay Wakelin Photography

console dj - Hi, great post! Thanks..

liezl - copy cat of this?

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Judith - This was such an awesome idea! Did you incorporate this into your wedding?

Renata - Hi Amanda, how are you?
Here’s Renata, I’m a Brazilian journalist and I wrote you an e-mail recently talking about interviewing you. I don’t know if, somehow, it went to a spam box, so if you didn’t receive it, could you please write me back? It’s for a nice report we intend to write about your work and those “zombie engagement” photos you’ve taken. It was awesome!
Hope to hear from you soon.
My best wishes,
Renata Losso

Amanda - Woah!! No, I never saw that. Thanks for sharing.

Sherwood Portraits - I love a woman that will pick up a shovel to use as a weapon in a Zombie Apocalypse!

Great photos. Sorry I’m late to the game; I just saw these.

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Will Poitras - I would be a little worried about why, on my engagement picnic, my betrothed had brought a shovel and a knife? But I guess you can never be too prepared.

funny stuff - Some zombies are just jealous I guess.

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Melanie Monroe - Love. Love. Love.

Thank you for the inspiration.

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Levi - Awesome! Such a great way to liven (excuse the pun) an engagement shoot. And the light is so beautiful too!

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